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Comments and Trackbacks using barcode development for none control to generate, create none image in none applications. .NET Scroll down none for none the page until you locate the Save changes button and click on it. Roller will show that comment as spam (the Comment field will be shaded with the same color as the Spam box):. Now click on the Preferences tab to go to the Weblog Settings page, scroll down the page until you locate the Spam Prevention section, and then type Humpy Bloggart in the blacklist:. [ 342 ]. 8 . Scroll down none none the page and click on the Update Weblog Settings button. Roller will show you the following success message:. Go to your w eblog"s front page, scroll down the page until you locate the VirtualBox Video from YouTube entry, click on the Comments[0] link, and type the following information:. [ 343 ]. Comments and Trackbacks Scroll down none for none the page, answer the math question, and click on Post to leave your comment. Roller will respond with the following message:. What just happened Roller"s ant none none i-spam tools are very useful, as you saw in the previous exercise. You can enable moderation in your weblog, review each comment thoroughly as you receive it, and then decide if you want to approve it, delete it, or mark it as spam. When you mark a comment as spam, you can enter certain keywords in a blacklist.

This blacklist already contains several thousand words and regular expressions that Roller uses to check incoming comments, trackbacks, and referrers for spam. However, you can add any word you wish, including names and e-mail addresses, as you did in the previous exercise with Humpy Bloggart. This way, anytime Humpy tries to write an insulting comment in your weblog, Roller will mark it as spam, and then you"ll have the chance to review it before deciding to take some further action, such as reporting Humpy to the corresponding authorities.

. [ 344 ]. 8 . Have a go hero using Roller"s blacklist effectively Roller"s bla none for none cklist includes several thousand words and regular expressions that help in deciding if a comment, link, or trackback has bad or offensive content. However, you can also use it to avoid comments from certain people, block specific IP addresses or domain names, and so on. Actually, there are three blacklists:.

Level 1: Thi s is a built-in blacklist included in Roller. Only someone with access to Roller"s installation directory can change this list. Level 2: This is a site-wide blacklist that only an administrator with global rights can edit.

All weblogs created within Roller can use this list. Level 3: Each weblog can use a specific blacklist that can be edited through the weblog settings page..

All incoming none none comments are checked against these three blacklists. You can try experimenting with levels 2 and 3, by using different names, IP addresses, and hostnames. In the previous exercise (refer step 3), I showed you how to edit the level 3 blacklist through the Weblog Settings page of your weblog.

To edit the level 2 list, you need to log into Roller with your administrator account, click on the Server Administration link to go to the Roller Configuration page, and scroll down to the Spam Prevention section.. Using Roller"s comment validators In the previ none none ous subsection, we saw how to use the blacklist one of Roller"s comment validation methods. In this subsection, we"ll talk about other comment validators included in Roller..

Time for action Roller"s comment validators There are tw none for none o comment validators besides the blacklist the excess links validator and the excess size validator, as we"ll see in the following exercise:. Go to your w eblog"s front page, scroll down the page until you locate the VirtualBox Video from YouTube entry, and click on the Comments[0] link. Use the same values for Name, E-mail, and URL and type the following text in the Comment field:. Click <a none for none href="">here</a>, <a href="

phones">here</a>, <a href="http://best.offers">here</a>, <a href="

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